My Yoga Journey

My Yoga Journey

I began my yoga journey in my early twenties, while I was living in London. Like many of us, I looked to yoga as a means of exercise – a practice that would help me become strong, lean and flexible. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my oldest son, Jack, that my real love for yoga began to blossom.

I began taking prenatal yoga, which shifted my view on holistic health and introduced me to recognizing the “mind – body – spirit” connection. This sparked my journey into natural health and natural healing. Through this mindset and lifestyle shift, I really started to believe in the full power the body has to heal itself and I made the choice to give birth to my son, and following two children, at birthing centers. This initial yoga experience opened up my life to the very real power that we, as women, possess – not only in our physical body, but in our minds, as well. 

Following the birth of my first child, I made the decision not go back to my job on Wall Street and began looking for something more meaningful to do with my life. My love for yoga was deepening, though at the same time there were points where my practice took a backseat depending on where I was with my expanding brood… most probably when I needed it most. After my youngest daughter, Saoirse, was born, I decided to take my first yoga teacher training, which later proved to be very transformative for me. I can say that studying to become a teacher of yoga truly changed my life. It uprooted my thought processes, challenged my viewpoints and ultimately helped me through a challenging period in my life. 

After becoming certified, yoga became a way of life. I was fully invested in the teachings and philosophies, reading every book I could in order to learn about this whole other world that I had just discovered. In doing this, I became passionate about bridging these teachings to a modern world application. I asked myself, “How do you marry the everyday world in which we live in to the world of these yoga philosophies?” With the opening of Jarosa Studio, it has been my intent to aim in answering this question. 

My journey of training to become a yoga teacher truly helped me find my voice. It helped me to shed layers of myself that needed to be shed. It taught me the importance of having faith and trusting your journey. Today, when doubt comes knocking on my door, I am reminded to come back to the present and the teachings. While none of us know what lies ahead, we must trust the journey, trust every moment, and trust your inner voice that becomes more clear with the stillness of the mind.

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