“JAROSA” – the meaning behind the name

“JAROSA” – the meaning behind the name

The word Jarosa is a combination of my 3 kids names:
JA – Jack | RO – Roisin | SA – Saoirse

Interestingly enough, it was then over a glass of wine with my sister in Ireland, that the two of us decided that “Jarosa” would be the perfect name for my soon-to-be yoga studio. From that moment on, the name has grown to symbolize a personification of love.

The word Jarosa means LOVE. When you look at your kids, all you can think of is LOVE.

At Jarosa, our language is about love and community. With my children, there are good days and bad days, just as there are good days and bad days on the mat. There are moments of challenge, which require growth and finding your core and that truly is what the studio is all about. We welcome each person that comes through the door as a part of the Jarosa family. We not only practice yoga together, but we laugh together, we cry together and we grow together. We are on this journey through life – both the ups and the downs – together. 

Jarosa is my 4th baby and I love this community just as I love my family.

Jarosa Mandala

The three hearts in the middle are representative of my three children and come together as parts of a 3-leaf clover, in honor of my Irish heritage. Extending from the center are stems, which represent the growth that we all experience on this journey. At the end of the stems are blossoming flowers, which represents the sweetness of life and the ever-developing beauty that grows from life’s journey.


  • Tricia

    July 8, 2019 at 10:32 pm

    I never realized the name represented the kids, I love this.