Chakra Balancing and Rejuvenating through Yoga and Meditation ~

A 7 week series

With Edel Keane

Chakras are energetic “wheels” in the subtle body. Too many of us feel weak, tired, and simply “off” in our lives and unsure why. When we balance our 7 main energetic points in the body, we inherently feel stronger, healthier and more in tune with our lives.
Join Edel for this 7 week Chakra Balancing Series to bring more harmony, grounding, and balance into your life as we approach the holiday season. This series will include yoga asana/postures, mudras, and breath work  to open, awaken and balance each of your chakras. This soulful journey through the 7  chakras will bring you into a more harmonious state of mind, body and spirit. This workshop is available to all ability levels, no yoga experience is necessary.
The series will be held at Hollis Taggart Art Gallery in the center of Southport Village. Space is limited, reserve your spot today.
Tuesdays, November 1st to December 13th
7 week series $175
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