A private yoga class can connect you to your practice like no other, offering one-on-one refinement and adjustment to get the most out of every pose and breath.

In addition to yoga, we also offer Meditation, Reiki and Intuitive Therapy, all ways to connect on an intimate level with becoming your best self.

See the descriptions below and schedule a session today. Privates can be scheduled whenever there is free studio time depending on the availability of instructors.


Private yoga classes offer a personal touch to your practice experience. Whether you are new to yoga or want to refine your practice, a private session will offer you individual guidance, direction and support. We offer instruction in all aspects of the practice—from breath work to strengthening to flexibility. Our team of talented, adaptive and well-trained teachers can offer individualized instruction that works for you.


A private restorative yoga session is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. During long holds of restorative yoga your muscles are allowed to relax deeply with props supporting your body. Our private restorative sessions are all about the mellow, making them a good complement to more active practices and an excellent antidote to stress.


Our private meditation sessions are tailored to you. You can do the simplest forms, such as breath awareness or simple mantra, or explore more elaborate meditations where there is a specific breath, mantra and mudra that all work together to balance different aspects of the mind and body.


Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. Our energy should be strong and free flowing. When this is true, a persons body and mind are in a positive state of health. A private Reiki session helps to ease tension and stress and can help to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels — physical, mental, and emotional. Our experienced Reiki practitioners make every session a relaxing and restful experience.


An intuitive therapy session is held with Therese Caruso. She guides people across the globe on issues relating to relationships, career, health, and well-being. Her unique background in both well-being and business allows her to counsel people in their personal and professional lives. Therese will ‘read’ your energy and clear any blocks preventing you from achieving your personal goals.  Your time with her will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to move forward with insightful answers and strategies for making the most of your life today.  Whether your question is about a relationship, work, family, or you just want to understand how to best use the energy of your year ahead, Therese will give you answers that will allow you to break open and into your most authentic self.

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