Exploring Yin Series

with Kristen Ambrosi

Bring your practice and your wellbeing into balance through this six-week introduction to yin. Explore the tenets of yin practice to support both body and mind. Benefit the joints and connective tissue through prolonged holds and primarily floor-based sequences. Supported largely by props and guided mindfulness practices, each week will focus on a different aspect of this innovative synthesis of yoga and meditation.

Tuesdays, February 25th – March 21st



*series included in monthly membership (not included in 30 day introductory deal)*


Yoga Nidra

with Sarah Chapman

Sarah Chapman (YA RYT RMT) is a Reiki Master who trained with Nana DeLeplanque from the Reiki Institute in NYC. She is a Yoga Nidra Facilitator and founder of the Joyga Project.Yoga Nidra is an ancient guided meditation technique where your body is asleep, but you are still conscious and aware. It provides you with an effective tool where you can rewrite your personal pre-programing (Samskaras) changing the way you see what is on your consciousness.This restorative and rejuvenating practice takes place in savasana, lying down. The class invites you to take the time to release deep tension and stress in the layers of the body (koshas), while remaining aware and awake. As you practice deep relaxation, staying focused on the here and now, you give your body the opportunity to heal and function at optimal levels. The many benefits of yoga nidra can also include better problem solving, improved memory, relief of pain, and increased creativity.


Saturday March 14th
5:00-6:00 pm

Healthy to the Core: A Spring Class & 10 Day Cleanse

with Michelle Didner

Our bodies are designed to detoxify naturally – but in this modern world we face toxic overload and lifestyles that make it very difficult for our bodies to release unwanted toxins and find balance. A core element of our health lies in the integrity of our digestive system, the food that we eat, and in cultivating a garden of favorable microflora for physical, hormonal and emotional health.

The Spring Cleanse is designed to clear away toxins, break away from cravings to sugar, wheat and caffeine, balance your core microbiomes, and to establish a clearer connection with yourself in your unique biodiversity.

There will be lots of healthy delicious spring salads and soups, nourishing smoothies, and high fiber antioxidant food suggestions that will support your detoxification.

This is not a binge cleanse which is just as bad as a binge diet! It is an opportunity to get clean and learn more about the choices you make and why. It is a celebration of your wisdom and beauty. Your own health is your greatest investment.

This program is for you if:

You want to shed a few of those unwanted wooly winter pounds.

You want to sleep better and have more energy.

You want to be free of cravings to sugar, dairy (yes, cheese is addictive!) processed foods and caffeine.

You want to relieve digestive issue issues by encouraging a healthy microbiome.

You want to reduce digestive and systematic inflammation.

You want practical tools to help you manage food choices and inspire you to include local seasonal foods in your diet.

You want to learn how to really listen to your body so that you can be in alignment with your needs.

The program includes:

The Class: Nourish yourself with deep movement, pranayama and yin yoga that will improve digestion, strengthen your digestive metabolism, and support the ability of your body to drop into ‘rest and digest.’ Learn to listen and connect with the healing wisdom of your body. Begin your ten-day Spring Cleanse inspired by the support of your community and learn more how you can elevate your experience during this Cleanse.

The Recipes: Real (and easy) recipes that will help clear away toxins, support the release of food habits and addictions, and give you more energy and reduce inflammation.

The Menu: A flexible menu plan with a shopping list and suggested supplements to support digestion and gut health during the cleanse.

Daily inspirations: Daily emails will arrive in your inbox with meditations and affirmations, nutrition articles and resources to keep you inspired.

Meditations: Two audio meditations will be provided to support your progress and digestive system.

A Food & Mood log: as homework to journal your progress and keep your accountable.

A live online group session:  to check in and share (class recorded.)

Class: Saturday, March 28

Cleanse: April 1st – 10th

Jarosa members $44

Non-members $60


Book Club: Broken Open

Join us Thursday, April 23rd at 7:30PM in the studio for the third Jarosa Book Club lead by Therese Caruso and Finley – in partnership with Hamptons-based bookstore, Finley’s Fiction  www.finleysfiction.com.

Copies of Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser are available for purchase in the studio! Stop by for more information.

We will begin with a little mingling over cozy drinks and treats, followed by the book discussion and a short meditation.

“During times of transition, amid everyday stress, and even when we face seemingly insurmountable adversity, life offers us a choice: to turn away from change or to embrace it; to shut down or to be broken open and transformed.”

Space is limited so reserve your place today.

Thursday, April 23rd



Elements of Healing Workshop: From Ashes to Wings

with Therese Caruso, assisted by Edel Keane

Enter a spirit circle filled with light and love in this intimate healing workshop with yoga, meditation and Reiki. Discover the secret treasure that lies waiting at the bottom of our most difficult times. Learn to release fear and emerge into a new consciousness as you listen to the voice of your soul.
Edel will lead a gentle yoga flow followed by a guided visualization by Therese for constructively facing challenges while discovering paths toward new connections with yourself and others. Receive a personalized reading and message from your spirit guides and take home a healing crystal to reconnect you to profound openness, comfort and a renewed sense of self.
Everyone will leave with a new way to think about their own ‘ashes to wings’ life journey.
Saturday April 25th
3:00-5:00 pm